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Rear view helmet Reevu MSX1

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Reevu MSX1 mirror close-up


Reevu MXS1 what you see

The world's first rear view helmet by Reevu
Motorcyclist's relying on their side mirrors have always had a bit of a problem seeing directly behind them, compared to that of a car you are very restricted, this is why when learning to ride a motorcycle you are taught to use the 'life saver' glance, looking over each shoulder before manoeuvring. The blind spot directly behind lowers your situational awareness, which decreases the chance of avoiding probable accidents.
Reevu rear view helmet

A UK based company Reevu came up with a solution to this problem, a helmet with an integrated rear-view mirror system. This innovative technology allows the wearer to see the road directly behind them just as you would using a car rear-view mirror. A tunnel of unbreakable mirrors made out of polycarbonate form an almost periscope like system through the helmet. The helmet even if it didn't have the integrated rear vision technology is very well built and beautifully finished with excellent quality. Reevu blind spots covered

The mirror is fully adjustable to get that angle just right. The rear view helmet is currently available in four colours, Black metal, Gunmetal (silver), Titanio (grey) and Black satin, is available in 6 sizes XS to XXL matching conventional helmet sizes and come with a lifetime warranty. Designed and created by Reevu (UK) hand assembled by specialists in Italy, they have been designed to meet all international safety standards and currently retail for £299 giving a mid-range price bracket.

Reevu in Tyne and Wear, England was established in 1999, the helmet has had 10 years of research and design with £2million invested. The technology has an international patent. Reevu now has a distribution network over 20 countries worldwide. The Reevu MSX1 is truly a remarkable design and a great looking helmet, we believe this is the way forward for motorcycling.

rear view helmet webBikeWorldRating "Outstanding" five stars outstanding

WebBikeWorld have reviewed and given this helmet an "Outstanding" rating in their overall opinionator.

Billy Morgan, Chief Executive of Reevu, said: “This is a world first that has been ten years in the making. It is far better to prevent accidents that merely provide protection, and the world-leading technology we have incorporated in to the Reevu motor-sport helmet will make this product a complete revolution compared with what is currently available.”

He added: “We are making a conscious decision to ensure that Reevu helmet arrivesReevu helmet vision on retailers shelves with an affordable price tag. I believe that this safety innovation is so important that it will transform the way people ride motorbikes, and significantly reduce deaths and accidents on the road. Every other vehicle on the road has to have rear view mirrors, but with motorbikes it just doesn’t work efficiently enough because as you turn the handles your view moves. This helmet removes that problem, and that is why it will be such a revolution across the world.”


Reevu RV MSX1 Graphics version

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